How Mark Ferrier Grew TRAFFIKGROUP to $2M EBITDA and Scored an 8-Figure Exit

Mark Ferrier founded the marketing agency TRAFFIKGROUP and grew it to over $2M in EBITDA before agreeing to be acquired by the private equity group Onex in an eight-figure exit. Mark decided to sell when a friend revealed that most founders end up wishing they had sold 50% sooner for 25% less. This episode is packed with wisdom for service-based businesses, including how to:

  • Drive employee engagement with a “Holy Crap” fund.
  • Buy out minority partners.
  • Distinguish between agreement vs. alignment.
  • Deal with imposter syndrome.
  • Know when it’s time to sell.
  • Avoid being “Hollywooded” by a deal structure.
  • Evaluate the risks of rolling equity.
  • Avoid an earn out.
  • Evaluate an offer from a private equity group.

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