Programs & Services

Our Programs & Services

VAP offers a variety of proven programs that will accelerate your company’s growth, improve your quality of life and will help ensure that when it is time to sell, you can expect top dollar.

Exit 360

Exit360 is a unique assessment process that measures the status of three issues critical to an owner's successful exit from a business: (1) Psychological readiness, (2) Target sales price required to fund the future desired lifestyle and (3) the company’s readiness to command a premium price. This unique program utilizes three different proprietary tools to provide the owner with a “360 view” on whether this is the right time to consider a sale.

Value Builder Score

Invest 15 minutes completing an online assessment of your business and VAP will provide you with a comprehensive high-level analysis showing how your organization scores in each of the eight areas that drives enterprise value.

Quality of Value Audit and Plan

The Quality of Value Audit and Plan (QoV) consists of an in-depth analysis of each of the key drivers of value. The audit is an expanded version of the Quality of Earnings study that buyers often conduct on acquisition candidates. The QoV is a highly effective "sell side" exercise that positions a company for a premium offer if, and when, it decides to sell.

Value Builder - Custom

A six month implementation, facilitation and support service that focuses on shoring up any gaps identified in the Quality of Value audit. This program typically is an enterprise-wide initiative that involves the full executive management team.

Value Builder - Optimize

A twelve month (more relaxed pace) program that guides principals or executive teams through twelve monthly modules designed to put the organization on the path to optimizing value. Each module consists of professional presentations, facilitation and exercises.

Value Builder - FastTrack

FastTrack is an accelerated version of the full Value Builder Program. Leveraging the exact same content, FastTrack is held in a virtual CEO Mastermind format consisting of a maximum of eight business owners/operators. The program takes place over a 10 week period and includes the full Value Builder Assessment and individual sessions to review the report and to develop an appropriate action plan.