About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission at Value Acceleration Partners is to enable the goals, aspirations and dreams of all of our client’s stakeholders.  Our work is designed to improve profitability, enterprise value and the quality of life for all.

VAP works with middle market companies to ensure that their operations are built to maximize enterprise value at the time of sale.  While financial performance is a critical component of value, our experience and data has clearly shown that there are multiple factors that determine what a buyer is willing to pay for a business.  Lack of attention to any of these factors almost always negatively impacts both salability and value.

Our Difference

We have intentionally designed our practice to differentiate from other consultants in a number of ways.

We are not business brokers, investment bankers, or wealth mangers. Our only focus and interest is helping you increase the value of your business and your peace of mind.

We do not engage in open ended consulting assignments unless requested by clients. All of our services are designed around specific value building engagements that have a defined duration and specific measurable objectives.

Prior to the commencement of any engagement, we developed a detailed project plan that clearly outlines objectives, deliverables, roles/responsibilities, meeting cadence, etc. There will be NO surprises when working with us.

We offer a unique guarantee.  Once an engagement is 1/3 complete, you may terminate the contract with no further obligation if you feel that sufficient value has not being realized.

Our Founder

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Michael Levison

Mike Levison has a long history of building successful high-growth businesses. Over the past 30+ years, Mike has led the development of three industry leading companies.  All three resulted in successful exits and/or recapitalizations.  All three also included acquisitions and multiple capital raises along the way.

Over this time, Mike learned ALOT about the key elements, or “drivers,” that business buyers and investors review, beyond financial performance, to assess issues that can significantly impact valuation.  He observed that these drivers can be “silent value killers” in a business if they are not addressed.

In 2022, Mike formed Value Acceleration Partners to share his knowledge and experience with other business owners and operators that want to maximize the value of their companies.


For more insights into how colleagues, partners and investors think about our founder, Mike, visit his LinkedIn profile here.

Our Team

Our lead consultants have all built and led businesses to successful exits.  There will be no on-the-job learning on your work.  In addition to our core team, we have formed partnerships with a wide range of experts who are often needed during a company’s development and, ultimately, successful sale.

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Over 25 Years of Experience

Our team has decades of experience building industry leading companies and leading them to successful exits.

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We Understand Business Value Drivers

Your business value goes well beyond financial performance. Our team will work with you to strengthen all of the key factors that impact enterprise value.

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We Accelerate Growth

We provide the tools and experience to help you build the foundation critical to supporting growth.

Increase the Value of Your Business

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