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Our Fast Track program can help you do just that in as little as 10 weeks! This accelerated approach teaches you how to leverage the 8 key drivers of business value, removing you personally from your business, increasing business value and
giving you back control over your time.

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Each Module Includes Video Tutorials, Online Tools, and a Group Session

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Video Tutorials

Online Tools

Group Learning

This Special Engagement of the Value Builder Fast Track Program starts on March 15 and is limited to just 8 Business Owners.

Save over $13,000 off our full Value Builder Program. Enroll today for $3,995.

In Just 10 Weeks, You Will Learn How to Leverage the 8 Drivers of Business Value to Increase the Value of your Business!

8 Drivers of Value

Fastrack Program Overview

Time Commitment:  In addition to the weekly one hour group meetings, you can expect to spend approximately one hour per week reviewing the module materials.

Week 1: Complete the Value Builder Survey (15 minutes)
Week 2: Individual meeting with Mike to review  your Value Builder Score report (1 hour)
Weeks 3-10: Group sessions (1 hour)
Week 11: Individual action plan session (1.5 hours)

What Included:  The FastTrack program contains all of the resources included in the full 12 month Value Builder Program:

Value Builder Scorecard

Pre-Score Assessment

Weekly Video Tutorials

One year access to value builder system

Group coaching

Weekly built to sell podcast

Money Back Guarantee:  If after going through the Value Builder Assessment and review you feel that the program does not fit your needs, you will receive a full refund.

How are Value Builders Different from
Typical Business Owners?


  • Prioritize Growing Revenue

    Typical owners are focused on prioritizing revenue growth as their main business goal.

  • Use Proximity as Competitive Advantage

    Typical owners market their business with the competitive advantage of being the local provider.

  • Sell lots of things

    Typical owners sell lots of things to a FEW customers.

  • Dependent Company

    Typical owners find themselves in the weeds of all business operations. Their company is too dependent on them.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Typical owners strive for satisfied customers.

  • Transactional Business Model

    Typical owners use a transactional business model.

  • Piggy Bank

    Typical owners treat their business like a piggy bank.

  • Shares equity too liberally

    Typical owners share equity too liberally instead of protecting their equity.


  • Emphasize Growing Revenue

    Value builders emphasize revenue growth and understand that other key drivers of increasing value.

  • Durable Competitive Advantage

    Value builders offer a service or a product with a durable competitive advantage.

  • Sell a few things

    Value builders sell a few things to LOTS of customers.

  • Independent Company

    Value builders build companies that could thrive without them.

  • Repeat Customers

    Value builders strive for customers who will refer and purchase again.

  • Recurring Revenue

    Value builders are focused on creating recurring revenue streams as their business model.

  • Creating Cash

    Value builders are obsessed with how their company creates cash.

  • Protects equity

    Value builders understand the importance of protecting their equity.

About Your Facilitator - Mike Levison

Michael Levison Headshot

Mike Levison has a long history of building successful high growth businesses.  Over the past 30+ years, Mike lead the development of three industry-leading companies.  All three resulted in successful exits and/or recapitalizations.  All three also included acquisitions and multiple capital raises along the way.

Over that time, he learned ALOT about the key elements, or “Drivers,” that business buyers/investors look at, beyond financial performance, to assess the value of a company.  He saw first hand how these factors can either enhance the value of a business or kill that value.

He also found that most business owners/operators either under-appreciate the significance of these “silent value killers” or they don’t really understand how to mitigate them.  He formed Value Acceleration Partners to share his experience with other business owners and operators that are facing similar challenges.

See What Other Business Owners Have to Say About the FastTrack Program

"Can't say enough about this program. Great mix of common sense ideas that everyone should know, but no one seemed to ... along with some "out of the box" ideas that have really impacted my business. Worth every penny that you will spend on this course. So far this year, my sales are up almost 100% compared to last year, due to some simple but powerful changes made to my business model."

David Harris

Protection Dog Sales

"The Value Builder FastTrack Program was incredibly valuable for my business. It forced me to evaluate aspects of my company that I had previously taken for granted, and I left the program with a much clearer idea of my company's worth; most importantly, I'm now equipped with very tangible ways to improve it. I would and have recommended this program to every business owner I know."

Ross Tudor

Hot Corner Digital

"The Value Builder FastTrack program provided 3 things for me: accountability, support, and diversity. While all 3 of these areas proved valuable, I really enjoyed the professional diversity of the group! It revealed common threads of which I was not aware,  and expanded my vision as an entrepreneur.  Great alternative to a year-long program!"

Ken Williams

Unfold the Soul

Space is Limited to just 8 Business Owners. Save Your Spot TODAY!

Save over $13,000 off our full Value Builder Program. Enroll today for $3,995.