Exit 360

Unlocking your successful exit with exit 360

Exit360 provides a comprehensive approach to achieving a successful exit from your business through the utilization of proprietary assessment tools offered through Value Acceleration Partners.

We understand the challenges and uncertainties that often accompany the exit process, and the right preparation really should start years in advance. The Exit360 assessment will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap that will allow you to progress with both clarity and confidence. This unique tool has three components and a comprehensive report is included with each.

Part One - The Pre-Score

Often business owners look back with regret after selling a business, for a number of different reasons.  The Pre-Score helps an owner identify the issues that often give rise to seller’s remorse. By leveraging our exclusive methodology and expertise, this tool provides a comprehensive evaluation of your preparedness, uncovering potential gaps and areas that require attention. Our unique approach ensures that you gain insights tailored to your specific situation, enabling you to develop a plan that makes sense for you.

The Freedom Point

Understanding what you are likely to net from the sale of your business is critical. Exit360’s Freedom Score helps establish the financial threshold your business must achieve in order to meet your lifestyle goals after the exit. By considering fees, taxes, debts, ownership interest and other factors that can impact the net proceeds, this assessment provides a clear understanding of whether your business is currently positioned to yield the financial outcome you desire.

Part Three - The Value Builder Score

This unique and proprietary tool offers a comprehensive evaluation of where your business stands on the eight key drivers that determine its value. The Value Builder Score not only provides a preliminary valuation of your company but also provides deep insights into the factors influencing its overall value. Each of the eight key value drivers are scored and then compared to other similar businesses. Since over 72,000 companies have taken the Value Builder Survey, we have a lot of comparative data. The resulting scorecard provides an excellent roadmap for you to grow the value of your business.

Exit360 Fee: $695

Each of the Exit360 assessments take less than 20 minutes to complete. Once the reports are ready, we will review the findings in detail in a meeting that usually takes approx. 1.5 hours. Take the first step towards your successful exit today by engaging with Exit360’s comprehensive assessment process