The Acquisition Entrepreneur with Steve Divitkos

In recent years, “entrepreneurship through acquisition” courses at Ivy League MBA programs have surged in popularity, outshining traditional classes in marketing or corporate finance. This trend reflects a shift in aspirations among students, many of whom now prioritize acquiring a business over roles in consulting or banking.

As a business owner, you’re likely to encounter increased interest from these eager MBA graduates keen on acquiring your company with the backing of people who specialize in funding these first-time entrepreneurs.

For example, this week we interviewed Steve Divitikos a Harvard MBA who decided to acquire and build a small business using money he raised from investors. There are pros and cons of selling to an acquisition entrepreneur in this episode, you learn how to:

  • Structure the sale of your business to an acquisition entrepreneur.
  • Negotiate with an acquisition entrepreneur.
  • Avoid the most common reasons acquisitions fall apart.
  • Ace your meetings with potential acquirers.
  • Identify complementary acquirers.
  • Avoiding having to roll equity with your acquirer.

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