Be the Face, Not the Prisoner

In order for a you to create a business that is growing/dynamic and, at the same time provides the freedom that you have earned, it is critical for you to be able to extricate yourself from the constant involvement in “day to day” issues. However, it also remains very important to maintain a visible presence as the founder and leading force.  In many cases, the clients established their relationship with the company through you and the relationship endured because of the confidence and trust with you.  So, maintaining enough visibility is important to preserve the goodwill that you have built without being prisoner to it.

Here are a few simple suggestions for staying visible even after you have stepped back.

Establishing a Visible Founder Presence:

  1. Incorporate your image in email communication: Include your picture in email profiles and signatures to keep your face at the forefront of communications. This simple step helps reinforce your identity and maintains a personal touch in business interactions.
  2. Maintain an active LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn is widely regarded as the most trusted professional networking platform. Ensuring your profile is up-to-date with accurate information is crucial, as it serves as a valuable resource for those researching you and your company. Regularly engage with relevant professional content and connections on the platform.
  3. Participate in company-sponsored events: Attending both internal and external events sponsored by your company is vital. Customers appreciate seeing you actively involved, reinforcing their trust and confidence in your business. Furthermore, these events provide opportunities for employees to connect with you outside of the workplace, fostering a sense of engagement and alignment. While attending every event may not be feasible, selectively choosing a few key gatherings demonstrates your commitment to the company’s core values.
  4. Speak on behalf of your company or industry: Consider participating in panel discussions or speaking engagements representing your company or industry. If presenting solo seems daunting, joining a panel allows for shared insights and a less intimidating experience. Research and select events hosted by organizations you are already involved in or aspire to collaborate with, ensuring that your time is spent purposefully.
  5. Utilize video for company announcements: Leverage video as a powerful tool for internal and external communication. Internally, delivering messages directly from the founder holds significant value, effectively conveying new initiatives, clarifying plans, and aligning the team. Externally, video messages from the founder can be shared on the company’s website, social media platforms, and personal channels, enhancing brand visibility. Creating a video announcement is as simple as recording a message on your phone and coordinating with your marketing team for branding and dissemination.

Balancing delegation with a visible founder presence contributes to the continued success and growth of your business, especially when you focus on areas where you excel.

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