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ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive a personalized Value Builder Score Report.  This report ranks your company on 8 specific value drivers and compares your business to other’s in your industry.

Accelerate the Value of Your Business in 45 Minutes

What makes a business more valuable to a buyer? Business value refers to more than just economic value or shareholder value. Most small and medium sized business operators focus the majority of their attention on improving financial performance. This is entirely understandable as profitability and cash flow are the primary KPI’s for businesses. However, if you are looking to build maximum value in the business, you must broaden the focus to address a wider range of value drivers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

The Eight Key Drivers of Enterprise Value

Your company’s standing on these 8 key drivers of value will determine whether a buyer will value your business on the high end of the range of the low end.  Attend our free webinar and learn why.

Meet Your Host - Mike Levison

Michael Levison Headshot

Mike Levison has a long history of building successful high growth businesses.  Over the past 30+ years, Mike lead the development of three industry-leading companies.  All three resulted in successful exits and/or recapitalizations.  All three also included acquisitions and multiple capital raises along the way.

Over that time, he learned ALOT about the key elements, or “Drivers,” that business buyers/investors look at, beyond financial performance, to assess the value of a company.  He saw first hand how these factors can either enhance the value of a business or kill that value.

He also found that most business owners/operators either under-appreciate the significance of these “silent value killers” or they don’t really understand how to mitigate them.  He formed Value Acceleration Partners to share his experience with other business owners and operators that are facing similar challenges.

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June 14, 2023 @ 12:00 PM EST